Halloween Party Snacks Ideas

Rice Krispie Treats Witch Hats - Two Sisters Crafting

We've got a Halloween party loaded with spooky recipes featuring grown-up twists: candy apples with brandy, cashew brittle with chiles, chicken with more cloves of garlic than you can even imagine. Use this collection of adult Halloween recipes to make the perfect Halloween themed dinner party menu, or pick and choose for treats that can travel

Creative Ways to Use Halloween Candy 14 Photos. Not all Halloween candy must be eaten straight out of the wrapper. Use your extra stash in decadent sweet treats from Food Network and creative crafts from HGTV.

These adorable treats are perfect for your fright-night party this Halloween, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other delicious sweets. These ideas are scary good. Search

2) Halloween Fondue. Cheese lovers all-time favourite! 3) Butternut Squash with Cauliflower Soup. A great combination of spicy cauliflower soup with sour cream. 4) Rat Cheese Ball. One of my favourites in the cheese platter. 5) Goblin Cupcakes. From many Halloween party food ideas, your kids are going to love this more! 6) Mummy Cupcakes

Bat Bites. Shape your favorite cheese ball base (or use plain cream cheese) into small balls, then roll in black sesame or poppy seeds to make bat bodies. Stick in two blue corn chips (or bean chips) as wings. Add eyes of minced peppers, carrots or capers.

Pre-packaged halloween class party snack ideas. Homemade sweets are a thing of the past at most school parties these days, in light of health and wellness policies and new food rules meant to keep kids with life-threatening allergies safe in the classroom.

Rice Krispie Treats Witch Hats - Two Sisters Crafting
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