Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations - The Idea Room

Swap out a traditional jack-o-lantern for adorable crafted pumpkins that perfectly match your Halloween decor. Brightly-colored yarn and hot glue are all you need to create these fun and festive pumpkins that will last for months!

First, paint pumpkin yellow with acrylic paint; let dry. Cut pink circle stickers in half for the mouth and stick on googly eyes. Draw upside-down V's with the gold paint pen all over pumpkin.

Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween, but you can do more than just display them with a cute carving and a candle. In this Halloween indoor decoration idea, you can carve small holes in a series of pumpkins and connect them with small LED lights.

Make your pumpkin look like your favorite (or least favorite) Halloween candy. Spray paint the top fourth of an oval pumpkin white. Spray paint the top fourth of an oval pumpkin white.

Create these ominous looking pumpkins with the help of some black spray or acrylic paint to add some additional spooky drama to your diy outdoor halloween decorations. Painters tape will keep the stems of your pumpkins their original shrunken look, while the black paint will lend the perfect background against the lighted inner flesh of your carved pumpkins.

Some of these decorating options are more extensive DIY projects while others are as simple as buying a pumpkin and placing it somewhere unexpected. So check out these ways to decorate with pumpkins this fall for fresh ideas that go past Halloween pumpkins (but these ideas can be carried into Halloween, no worries).

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations - The Idea Room
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